Slings are the most important component of any hoist system as they are the interface between the client and the hoist.

The Prism Sling Range is the result of many years of experience in the assessment of clients needs and the input the designs by professionals and carers.

Manufactured in the UK to meet and exceed all relevant design, safety and quality standards. This comprehensive range offers a variety of designs and sizes to suit the clients condition, the hoist and the activity being undertaken.

A ‘User Care Plan‘ is included as part of the user manual provided with every sling.

Neck rolls, extension straps and a range of carry bars for paediatric and bariatric use are also available. Contact us for more information about our sling product range.

  • Polyester / Slip Fit – a smooth, knitted polyester fabric which is flexible and can stretch providing ease of application as well as added comfort.
    Suitable for bathing as it allows water to drain through.
    The outer leg sections are slip fit material with low friction to aid fitting / removal.
  • Polyester Mesh – combined with a smooth polyester layer and non absorbent padding on the inner leg sections – ideal for showering and use in swimming pools.
  • Spacer – the spacer is fully breathable and stretches to mould into the shape of wheelchairs.
    This is the ideal material for clients who wear slings for extended periods.
    Available in Black or Pink.
  • Patient specific – manufactured using non-woven polyester.
    Suitable for short term use only and not suitable for washing.
    Ideal for avoiding cross infection or where a sling is only required for short term use.
  • Universal – the universal is the most commonly supplied sling for general transfer use.
    Easy to fit and very supportive. Padded head support version available.
  • Hammock sling – provides maximum support to the sacral area and ideal for clients with poor body tone.
  • Comfort recline – designed for amputees but also suitable for clients who have to remain in their sling for long periods.
    Fully breathable and moulds to shapes.
    Also available with head support.
  • Deluxe support – Designed to be both supportive and comfortable.
  • Dual access – Designed to give access to remove and refit garments for toilet transfers.
  • Paediatric Universal with bone supports designed to give maximum support through the spine and head areas.
  • Paediatric versions of all of the above are available.